We welcome your support and hope you will consider a donation to the Rathbone Museum. 

You can make a donation and pay with any credit card or PayPal or mail your contribution directly to us. You may also contact us directly to make a gift over the phone or by mail.

Are you interested in helping us preserve fraternal memorabilia?

All donations are tax deductible. The Rathbone Museum is an IRS certified 501-C-3 organization. Donations of personal items are also tax deductible and are protected by the Rathbone Museum’s policy never to sell any donated item. Duplicates will be stored and preserved.

What types of items do we collect?

We collect all historical documents, books, artifacts, jewels, memorabilia and ephemera pertaining to fraternal organizations in America.

Our original focus was the Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters, Dokeys, Nomads, the Junior Order and Pythian Sunshine Girls, so a bulk of our collection has been the Pythian related history, but our collection includes materials from literally every fraternal group we can find.

The collections will be safely housed in the museum and in the collection storage. The museum provides researchers a one-stop library for investigating historical changes in fraternal order rituals. Our museum strives to build complete sets of rituals for all fraternal orders.

To pay by credit card or PayPal click the icon below and follow the instructions.

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